Website maintenance - luxury or necessity

Congratulations, you now have a website with great design and features, and you wonder if you need website maintenance. All seems well - traffic and business are up, and you have new ideas for expanding your content to improve customer experience.

Then, one fine day, the unexpected happens. Your website is hacked or simply "crashes".

It turns out you've neglected your website maintenance, and this significant oversight costs - time, nerves, and money.

Below, you will get to know the essentials:

  • What is website maintenance?
  • How often is it advisable to perform it?
  • Who can be contacted to perform the service?

What is the purpose of WEBSITE maintenance

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Maintenance is essential to ensure the uptime and security of your website. It involves taking proactive steps toward creating conditions for optimal website performance and protection from hackers and malware.

Website maintenance as a process includes:

  • Updating plugins, themes, and core files;
  • Providing security and protection from potential threats;
  • Creating backups of your site for easy restoration when needed;
  • Speed optimization, ensuring site speed;
  • Online store support;
  • SEO optimization for better website performance and content;
  • Constant monitoring, allowing a lightning-fast response when a problem occurs.

How often should WEBSITE maintenance be performed

Maintenance frequency depends on the size and complexity of your website, but generally, it should be performed at least once a week. Doing so ensures that your website is updated with the latest versions of the CMS and its adjacent plugins and themes, regular backups are created, and security checks are applied..

Who carries out the website maintenance

Maintaining can be applied by yourself if you have the necessary skills and knowledge. Other options include contracting a web hosting company or a website maintenance provider such as TEZA.

With our maintenance services, you'll never have to worry about your website again. TezaWeb team comprises experts in making any website flourish and secure. By trusting us, you'll get efficient site updates, automated backups, security scans, and advice on improving your site's infrastructure.

In conclusion, maintaining a website is essential to creating and managing a successful web space for your business, organization, etc. It ensures that the website runs optimally and is protected from potential threats. Regular maintenance should be done at least once a week to ensure your website is up-to-date and intact. This can be done by yourself or entrusted to experienced industry professionals.

Don't put off taking care of your website! Should you need assistance, contact TezaWeb team via our contact form.

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Website maintenance - luxury or necessity
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