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The Teza Story

TezaWeb Digital Agency has been a trusted partner to businesses of all sizes in creating websites for the past 15 years.

We delivered digital solutions for local and multinational companies - from websites and landing pages to complex systems, media sites, and online stores optimized for more sales.

Our designers, developers, and SEO specialists have extensive experience creating bespoke websites tailored to the clients' needs and preferences.

Our team will implement the latest WordPress tech when creating your site so that you can have peace of mind that you have modern and resilient website solutions for your business.

Years Of

Our Process

The process of website development at TezaWeb goes through several stages to ensure 100% customer satisfaction with the final product.

Stage 1


During the first stage, before the website creation, we analyze the needs of the business and thus determine the parameters by which we will design the project. We choose the best approach to build the site according to requirements, functionalities, user experience, etc. We align our decision with the client's business goals because we believe that a website is not an end in itself but a tool to expand brand awareness.

Stage 2


The wireframes we created in Stage 1 translate during Stage 2: "Graphic, UX/UI Design" into a vibrant, attractive look and feel, in line with the latest trends in digital arts. If necessary, we create a whole new brand identity or follow the parameters of the brand book strictly if the client has already established one.

Stage 3


We breathe life into the design with coding, customization, and plugin integration to build a well-performing and optimized website. The WordPress platform gives us almost limitless possibilities to build features to transform users' visits into an authentic experience. At the same time, on the backend, working with the platform is easy and intuitive - uploading texts, photos, multimedia, and documents is done with a few clicks, making it as easy as possible for our clients to keep the site up to date.

Stage 4


Testing is a short but irrevocable stage of website development. Our quality experts, known as QA, repeatedly test every feature on the site from the perspective of users and administrators to make sure everything works as expected and to specification.
Only then do we proceed to the final stage:

Stage 5


In this stage, we transfer the site from the test server to the client's actual server, and now it's available to the general public. The client has received from Teza exactly the WordPress solution that will help them achieve their future high business results.

Our Principles

In working with clients and in communication within our team, we follow several core principles, which reflect in the quality of the websites we produce:


To find the best solution for the client, we strive to be as open as possible about the opportunities and challenges we see in their business and how to solve them using our web skills.


We don't hide anything from each other to have a working environment based on trust where good ideas can grow safely into viable solutions.


We dive into each new project with enthusiasm and passion because we love our work and find fulfillment in the website-building process.


Not only do we work, but we never stop looking for new sources of inspiration outside the professional WordPress sphere to enrich ourselves as individuals and professionals and give clients out-of-the-box yet effective digital solutions.

Long-term website partner

Clients trust us because we build high-quality websites tailored to the needs of the business and according to the agreed budget, often exceeding expectations.

Here are some of the websites we have built:
About Teza Web
About Teza Web
About Teza Web
About Teza Web
About Teza Web
About Teza Web
About Teza Web
About Teza Web

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