How often should a new corporate site be developed?

Developing a new corporate website is a significant undertaking that requires resources, time and effort from various stakeholders.

Deciding when to develop a new site depends on several factors, including company growth, ongoing changes, advances in technology, and diverse user needs and preferences.

In general, a rebuild is recommended every 5 years. This rule of thumb allows companies to strike a balance between maintaining an up-to-date online presence and allocating resources to other core aspects of the business.

Factors on which the development of a new corporate site would depend

Company growth

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It is essential to ensure that a business's online presence reflects its current size, scope and capabilities. A well-designed and maintained corporate website can help attract new customers, retain existing ones and increase trust.

Brand changes (rebranding)

Companies may decide to rebrand for various reasons - to target a specific market segment, reposition themselves in the industry, refresh their current self-identity, etc.

When a company goes through a rebranding process, it is essential to update or redesign the corporate website to reflect these changes. This includes not only updating logos and color schemes, but also re-evaluating the site's content, structure and overall user experience.

Advances in technology

The rapid pace of technological progress means that websites can become 'outdated' in terms of both functionality and design. Web design trends, coding standards, and best practices change frequently, and a site created five years ago may no longer meet the needs of today's users.

How often should a new corporate site be developed?

How to ensure an adequate business site from an aesthetic and practical point of view

Invest in a good designer

A skilled and experienced designer can create a website that remains visually appealing and functional for an extended period of time. By incorporating evergreen design elements and focusing on user experience, a site can stand the test of time and adapt to changing trends.

A platform like WordPress can support a site for up to 10 years with minor adjustments

A robust and flexible platform like WordPress can provide a solid foundation for your corporate site. By regularly updating and maintaining yourself, you ensure that the site will remain secure and functional for many years. However, periodic design and content updates are still essential to give the site a fresh and appealing look.

Trust a good web development and support team

How often should a new corporate site be developed?

A good team of web designers and developers will proactively monitor your site, make necessary updates and suggest improvements to keep it aligned with your business goals.

To be sure that your project will be carried out, regardless of its degree of complexity, we advise you to contact a profiled agency such as TezaWeb. Our team of experts has over 15 years of experience developing and maintaining WordPress websites, and we can help no matter what your industry is.

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