What type of website to choose according to your business

Here's how things are in the digital world - tens of thousands of websites compete for the attention of users and followers worldwide every day. It can be discouraging to realize the competition one faces when creating an online space. The situation is further complicated if they don't know the type of website their business needs to achieve the goals set.

Before you roll up your sleeves and start developing your digital corner, research briefly what type of website you need.

Let us make it easy for you by providing guidance on which website will serve you best based on your business size.

Small businesses and their business card website

Creating a business card website is recommended if your goals are to introduce your business to the community, describe your services, and provide contact information. This is sufficient for a start-up business unable to allocate a budget for a complex and multifunctional website nor has a real need for one.

Imagine the classic paper business card and its primary function - briefly informing everyone interested in your business. A business card website will do that in a much more modern, engaging, and interactive way. You can also add different types of multimedia to it, such as video, audio, and photos, to enhance the impact on potential customers.

Corporate website for medium and large business

A corporate website aims to represent a company or corporation. It is an online hub connecting the business with customers, partners, shareholders, and other stakeholders. Corporate websites typically provide information about the company's products and services, their mission and values, and share news and announcements about the operations of the specific business. Many websites post job listings and other resources that support and develop the company's team.

A corporate website helps big brands consolidate their brand presence, reach new customers, and maintain the standards set by direct competition. A well-designed corporate website redirects traffic to other essential business channels such as social media, blogs, or e-commerce.

If you are a merchant you should get an e-store

What type of website to choose

An online store enables you to reach more customers and make sales, regardless of location or business size.

E-commerce allows access to consumer data (such as preferences and shopping habits) to help you better personalize your offers.

If you have a physical store, make sure to duplicate your activity online. This will significantly increase your sales and enable you to reach customers who might not otherwise benefit from your products and services.

Now it's time to choose the type of website that will benefit your business the most.

  • Opt for a business card website if you are just starting in your niche. Let your potential customers get to know you and build a relationship with your business.
  • Invest in a corporate website if your company has reached a considerable size and you need more interaction with consumers, investors, and partners.
  • Develop your online store if you are in commerce or offer a specific digital product/service type.
  • If you need website development assistance, please contact TezaWeb team through the contact form.

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